Entry 0003

Damn you all to hell! 😉 I seem to be, once again, the only person without a MySpace account. I recently deleted the one I had because of drama I didn’t want anymore, but it seems that everyone in the world not only has one, but almost expects me to have one as well. I […]

Entry 0002

Hey there blog. Been a while since I wrote something in you. Tonight was a fun night – met Rich and his co-workers at his local bar, had some drinks (for free) and a Tasty Burger(also free), spend a few hours just hanging out and having a bit of fun… A good pick-me-up to end […]

Entry 0001

Had a few more changes go down here in Dunnyland, and as such I’ve decided that it’s as good a time as any to wipe the slate clean and start anew. I’m thinking now is the time to fully implement the “R&R” protocol. Wish me luck!