An Ethical Dilemma

mac_classicRecently, I made the second greatest CraigsList transaction of my life: I bought a fully functional Macintosh Classic for $30. It was in great shape, and I couldn’t wait to get it home and… Well, I don’t know. Honestly, I didn’t think very much further than “Hey, that’d be cool to own”.

Well, now I own it – and one eBay transaction later, a functioning mouse – and I’ve played with it for somewhere around a week now. It’s something like 23 years old, and hadn’t been used since 1995.

Which means there’s a bunch of files on it.

I did the responsible thing and got rid of all the personal stuff that was on this computer, but while I was looking through things – I mean, who could resist – I found a ton of business documents. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering, but still things of interest to those who are interested in gaming and the founders of the older gaming companies.

Obviously, I want to post this stuff – I want to read it, write the story of it, and post it.

But, I don’t know if I should. It’s not personal information, it’s not new or even really confidential information, but it’s not exactly mine…

Or is it? I did buy the computer, so anything on the computer is kind of mine, right? And none of the companies referenced in these documents as owners of these documents exist in any way, shape or form anymore so it’s not as if they could object.

I’m not sure what the right course of action on this is. Most likely I’ll backup the files onto a floppy or two and then forget they exist.

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