2 Guns – A Review

One... Two... Yup, two guns. Movie delivers on it's promise.
One… Two… Yup, two guns. Movie delivers on it’s promise.

2 Guns is a movie which exists. I know it exists, because I had the chance to see it today – to witness the glory that is Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg playing the comedy foil to the illustrious Denzel Washington in a film that feels like something Tarintino would write and direct if he were ever able to make something focused.

It’s got guns, as the title would suggest, although it has more than two. I lost count of the total number of guns in this movie, so one could say that it does over deliver on it’s promise of guns. It also has cash, a lot of it – which makes sense seeing as this is some sort of buddy comedy/heist movie with a few decent plot twists and a story that is fun yet predictable.

To be clear, I enjoyed the movie. It’s hard to figure out which genre it belongs in though, seeing as it’s sort of a buddy comedy, sort of a farce, and very much an action romp. See, the two guys in the poster rob a bank, and hijinks ensue as it turns out no one is who they seem and identities have been mistaken.

It is based on a “graphic novel”, which is a very pretentious way of saying “comic book” – and like a majority of comic book movies recently it’s actually rather well done. Lot of style, some good writing and shit getting blown up real good. It was enjoyable enough that I’ll probably buy the comics upon which it was based fairly shortly.

But, yes – this was meant as a review. So, a grade I suppose is customary.


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